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Why is NFT so well-liked?

At first glance, the frenzy surrounding NFT appears irrational. Let’s take a step back for a moment. To begin with, it may be difficult to believe, yet there is a consistent need for digital goods. It’s thanks to gamers in significant part. Dota 2 is a multiplayer game that has evolved into a cyber sports discipline. It allows you to purchase digital assets with real money. One player, for example, paid $38,000 for a rare pink puppy. In the game, the dog only transports the character’s belongings.

Valve is the creator of Dota 2. It also developed Team Fortress 2, a popular free-to-play shooter. Around the game, there’s an entire market for digital headgear, which was worth $50 million in 2011. Yes, hats and digital hats: in Team Fortress 2, two teams of the identical players compete against one another, and you can set yourself apart by wearing hats.

WishboneTheDog has made roughly $10,000 selling digital items such as guns, armour, and jewellery in another game, Diablo 3. Users pay real money for a bit of code and a picture on the screen; we’re not talking about unique tokens or copyrights here. And it’s all the developers’ property, whether it’s Valve in the case of Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, or Blizzard in the case of Diablo 3.

What kinds of issues might arise?

The biggest issue with the NFT right now is that the sites where artists (as well as scammers) submit content for sale make no attempt to verify the works’ validity or copyright. As a result, any user can gather drawings by various writers from the Internet and sell them as a collection. Often, the illustrators are unaware that their work is for sale, and the con artists profit (usually insignificantly) in the interim.

NFT Crypto Malaysia
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Criminals sometimes copy not only other people’s files (even watermarks on paintings don’t bother them), but also the composition of collections, their names, and even create phoney accounts of well-known artists.

There were numerous incidents of such “resale” this year. Artist Sinni’s creations, for example, were duplicated and sold after he died of cancer last year. The artist’s brother posted about it on his Facebook page.

As an artist, how do you safeguard yourself?

Many artists who design NFT Crypto Malaysia are still fighting scammers, verifying the validity of their work and filling platforms like OpenSea with requests to remove crypto-art that was unintentionally submitted. You must remember a few easy principles to protect yourself from this.

Save the original.psd file (or any other file) containing the source of your artwork to a separate medium.

Do not publish the source files on the internet. The most crucial proof of authorship is the ability to demonstrate the process of making your work.

Large watermarks should be used on public domain artwork. Crooks will find it more difficult to steal and sell their work as a result of this.

Scammers won’t be able to grab stuff from your abandoned accounts and pass it off as your own if you close them (or hide all of your work in them).

If you use Twitter, you should block accounts like @tokenizedtweets and others. You can challenge the authorship at if the bot has already attached a token to your creation.

Long lists of bots and rogue enthusiasts have been established by Twitter users.

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