Things to Have Before Painting Walls

Painting the wall is a vital thing to do, and there are so many things to prepare before the final painting. All the material that is needed for painting the walls should be on hand before getting ready to paint. In this article, we will tell you about the materials that you will need when painting walls. The wall should be dust free and these walls should be washed with the solution of laundry detergent and water before painting them. Here is the detail of the material that you will need during the painting.


Before selecting a paint for your walls make sure that it has acrylic emulsion, antifoaming agent, and methylcellulose in it.


Painting tape is used to mark the area that should be painted so you can have a better idea about where you should stop.


Primary is used for hiding any imperfections on the walls, and don’t forget to select a high-quality primer for painting your walls. If your wall is new, then you should choose a water-based primer, and if your wall has changed from water or smoke damage then you should select an oil-based primer for your walls.

    Painting brushes

Don’t forget to have a set of painting brushes before starting your painting. You will need a small brush, angle brush, and a broad brush. Usually, people use an angled brush to paint around the trim and corners of the walls and to paint large areas, use a broad brush or roller.

    Drop cloth

You will need a drop cloth to protect your floors and furniture from grips of paint and it means less clean up later. A drop cloth is really important because no matter how careful you are, there will be drips of paint.

    Paint trays

You will need paint trays for filling the paint for painting walls. One cannot dip the brushes directly into the paint cans because it will contaminate the paint with dust or dirt.


The ladder is very important because you will have to paint the upper portions of the walls and for this, you will have to stand up on the ladder.

    Paint rollers

If you are planning to paint a large area then you should use a paint roller because it is a faster method than painting with the paintbrushes.

    Grit sandpaper

A good grit Sandpaper will be used to even out any rough texture on the wall and smooth down any bumps.

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