The Different Types of Manga That You Should Know

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Japanese comic books, known as manga, are frequently adapted into anime. Among the popular ones are “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece”, and “Naruto”. One of the most widely used Japanese entertainment media is manga, along with anime. “Hilarious pictures” is a translation of the Japanese word manga. Manga is a well-known entertainment among adults and children. Some people read manga on a weekly basis, while others who are hard fans of manga can read it every day as if it is a daily newspaper. The global craze for manga is undeniable. Every day, more and more people are beginning to fall in love with it.

Manga covers a wide range of topics. Some manga series can be very entertaining, artistic, enlightening, imaginative, trashy, and sometimes even motivating. They depict a variety of themes and genres, including family love, relationships, friendships, school themes, foods, politics,  adventures, as well as sports. There are different types of manga to choose from; shounen, seinen, shojo, and josei. In this article, we are going to tell you the difference between them all and focus more on the shoujo manga. 

4 Types of Manga

find shoujo manga series to read online Malaysia
  1. Shounen

Shounen manga is a type of manga that focuses on young boys, particularly those students in elementary schools. Many of these animated series and manga have a young male protagonist and female leads and are mostly going around different genres including action, adventure, comedies, and fighting. Some of the most popular shounen manga is “My Hero Academia”, “Demon Slayer, and “One Punch Man”

  1. Shoujo

In opposit to shounen, Shoujo is the female equivalent of shonen, and it is translated as “young girl” in Japanese. Shoujo, as its name suggests, is geared toward young females between the ages of ten to sixteen. Some people are avoiding anything from the shoujo genre because it is so overwhelmingly feminine. Don’t be thrown off by the romance; there are some incredible plots in the shoujo manga that will keep you interested. Although these mangas frequently emphasize personal growth, romance and interpersonal relationships, there are also action and adventure genres in many of them. If you want to start reading this type of manga, you can click here to find shoujo manga series to read online Malaysia.

  1. Seinen

Many people are confused between seinen and shounen. While shounen is aimed toward the younger males, seinen’s target readers are those adult men or boys over eighteen years old. Although seinen comedy exists, seinen anime and manga tend to focus more on violence, and psychology than shonen shows. Pornographic material can also be found in Seinen Manga, but that is not its primary focus. Seinen can be very dark, that is why it is not recommended for young people to read it. “Tokyo Ghoul”, “Vagabond”, and “Uzumaki” are the mangas that fall into the seinen category.

  1. Josei 

Similar to Seinen, Josei manga focuses more on adult women or females ages over 18 years old. Unlike shoujo, josei manga includes more adult plot lines than comics for younger female readers and concentrates on realistic romance among other subjects. The drawing is also more idealized than in the josei manga. Although adult female characters frequently appear in slice-of-life or romantic tales in the josei series, shonen-style action and adventures have also gained popularity recently.

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