Symptoms and Signs of a Failing Power Supply

When a computer’s hardware starts to fail, it may be a very stressful situation. Not only is there the worry that your computer is dying, but with so many possibilities, determining which component is broken can be difficult. The power supply, as the source of energy for your entire system, can cause serious problems if something goes wrong with it. But, if your power supply fails, what can you expect to see?

The Computer Will Not Turn On At All

Given that the power supply is the fundamental hub for all of your computer’s energy, it’s understandable that if it dies, the computer won’t turn on. What makes this difficult is that a “dead” computer doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue with the power supply. It could be a problem with the motherboard or power cable, for example. As a result, while this isn’t a foolproof method of diagnosing a defective power supply, keep it in mind if it happens to you.

Computer Shuts Down or Restarts At Random

It’s possible that your computer will shut down during startup or use. If the power supply fails during times of high stress, such as video encoding or gaming, be especially cautious. This could be due to the computer’s power supply failing to keep up with its demands. This could also be a sign of an overheating processor, so make sure the heat sink is clean and the processor is working at a reasonable temperature before blaming the power supply.

Computer Crashes and Blue Screens at Random

A defective power supply, like the one mentioned above, might cause a blue screen or a “hard” computer freeze. Crashing is unfortunately one of the most common types of computer issues. A blue screen can be caused by a variety of computer hardware and software drivers, and a few of them can also cause hard freezes. If your computer keeps crashing, don’t rule out the power supply right away, but keep it in mind as you try to figure out what’s wrong.

The Fans in the Power Supply Make a “Grinding” Sound

When a computer fan starts to fail, it generates a distinct and recognisable grinding noise. This indicates that the fan’s bearings are nearing the end of their life. Even if the grinding noise goes away on its own, the fan could be nearing the end of its life.

When your computer starts grinding, it usually happens suddenly and without notice. When this happens, try to figure out which component is causing the grinding. If the noise is coming from the power supply fan, you’ll want to get it fixed before it stops working and the machine overheats.

Obvious Signs That Something Is Wrong

When a power supply unit becomes severely damaged, it may begin to release smoke or a burning odour. This is a clear indication that it has to be replaced right now! Turn off the computer and don’t use it again until the unit has been replaced. If you are looking to get a new PSU, you can view the full Omron power supply in Malaysia.

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