Some fun facts about Manga!

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Manga is something very fun. It is a comic book that is from Japan and it hold a lot of stories that are from Japan and there are actually quite a number of fans around Manga. Here’s what mangas are.

Mangas are graphic novels that has origins from Japan and most of the Mangas conform to a style that is from Japan in the late 19th century and the form has a very long prehistory in earlier Japanese art. The term Manga actually means both comic as well as cartooning. But in other parts of the world it is a mere meaning of comics that originated from Japan.

Manga is a way of life in Japan and everyone from the older age until the younger generations in Japan love and would have owned it at one point of their life. There are a huge variety of types of Mangas that range from action, adventure, comedy, sports, fantasy and so much more. Some of the amazingly written Mangas were even made into films and series. To list a few like Naruto, Initial D and more. 

Many of the mangas was translated into other languages since the 1950s and even the films that was aired were all also have versions of different languages and because of this translation as well as selling, Manga became a popular hit all around the world as well and by 1995, manga market was valued at 586.4 billion Yen around 6-7 billion Dollars. Even the Annual sales were a lot with 1.9 billion manga books and magazines sold approximately 15 issues per person. 

Just the past 2020, Japan’s manga market just hit an all time high with 612.6 billion Yen and this is due to the digitalising of Manga as well as printed copies as well. 

Beginning with late 2010, manga started to reach many places worldwide and start to massively sell in North America and the market at that time was around 250 million according to NPD Bookscan and 76% of them were in the US in 2021. All these growth in numbers are thanks to the fact that they are all now in digital format  as well hence a lot has been sold in the form of digital especially to the world wide, outside of Japan. 

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Manga stories are normally printed in black and white and this is due to the time constraints as well as the artistic reasons and it is also a factor to keeping the costs as low as possible during printing. Most of the Manga are black and white but there are a few that are full coloured as well. Mangas are also normally a continuation of one episode in the next issue and are usually serialised. That means that there is a serial number written at the spine of the book to know the arrangements of the books.

These are some facts then about Mangas and so if you would like to join in among with all the others to join into the manga world to read the current famous read One Piece Manga online for free you can find it online and start to read and join into the manga world.

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