SEO Best Practices that is Overlooked


Incorporating SEO expert into your strategy can offer great opportunities to bring organic traffic into your site and build awareness to your brand.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Google uses links of Facebook and Twitter in ranking sites, meaning that your social media presence can get you amazing SEO results.

There are numerous benefits you can get when you implement a strategy for your social media
marketing. Building your brand awareness increases the likelihood of visitors discovering you
from your social content.

Appear more credible by increasing your following as you create more authority in your specific industry. Spread your content and drive more traffic by building relationships with social media influencers that can help promote your content and bring traffic back to your site.

Remember also that social media profiles are usually one of the first that appear on searches.

Best practice:

Influencers – Increase the value of your content by getting in touch with
influencers that are relevant to your industry and have a large following.
Keyword search – Include relevant keywords on you social media promotions to increase your rankings as there are huge number of searches done on social media platforms.
The human side – use a personal touch when engaging viewers or audience. Show a personal side to your brand to engage your audiences and let them know there are real people behind the brand.

SEO and Email Marketing

Though email isn’t indexed or ranked by search engines, having an email strategy keeps you at the top of the mind of your audience which is an important element in SEO.

Best practice:

Engagement and newsletters – Engage your audience with email newsletters and invite them to engage or leave comments to your blog posts. This not only encourages audiences to visit your site, it also builds your authority.
Content promotion – Include in your newsletters your latest content that can be of value to them.
Live Newsletters – Use keywords in your email newsletters, so if ever you decide to repurpose them as blog posts, it is optimized already for search engines.

SEO and YouTube

The second largest most used search engine and most visited site is YouTube, with over 3 billion searches worldwide per month.

With this in mind, you need to capitalize and implement your video marketing to increase your presence and build up your brand awareness.

Best practice:

Keyword research – Identifying what your audiences are interested in and what keywords they are using is important. By doing so, you can come up with videos that your audience might want to actually watch. Remember the following elements to optimize:

Use a customized thumbnail with quirky themes and graphics. Keep a concise title with your keywords.
Use your keywords, add a website link, and provide sufficient information.

Research what your competitors are doing and what keywords they are using. Link to not only your website, but your social media pages as well. Boos subscribers by adding a CTA button towards the end of the video.

Analytics – Analyze data that you collect from YouTube and Google analytics to be able to plan what your next strategy will be.

By following and taking into consideration these SEO best practices, you can be sure that your ranking will get higher as you continue to perfect these methods.

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