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Disconnect or turn off all other devices consuming bandwidth (computer, console, TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Connect your computer to the internet modem using an Ethernet cable and turn off wifi, which is more prone to speed variations. Also be aware that, to be reliable, the result of a test must be the average of a series of successive tests. It is recommended that you repeat your flow measurement at different times of the day and on different days of the week. You will thus obtain an average value independent of the time of the test. You can have More info at TIME internet Malaysia now. For other options, you can go for Unifi 800mbps too.

How to decrypt the results of a flow test?

The upward flow

The upstream speed, or transmission bandwidth, measures the speed of transmission of a file by your computer on the Internet.

Operators’ ADSL uplink speed is generally less than 1Mbit / s and can reach 8Mbits / s in VDSL if you have a very short line, i.e. one that is less than one km from the connection.

In fiber, the suppliers offer a maximum upward speed of 600Mbits / s.

Downward flow

The downlink, or receive bandwidth, determines the speed at which a file can be downloaded to your computer.

Internet service providers offer an average ADSL downlink speed between 1 and 15Mbits / s and can increase further thanks to VDSL:

  • Free ADSL: just like Orange, the average speed is between 1 and 15Mbits / s and can reach 50Mbits / s in VDSL.
  • Bouygues ADSL: ADSL speed can go up to 28Mbits / s and up to 100Mbits / s in VDSL.
  • SFR box ADSL: the ADSL speed can go up to 20Mbits / s and up to 70Mbits / s in VDSL.
  • Orange internet ADSL: the average speed is between 1 and 15Mbits / s and can reach 50Mbits / s in VDSL.

With fiber, you can claim a much higher downlink speed, up to 1Gbit / s or 8Gbits / s depending on the operator chosen.

Latency or ping time

The latency rate, also known as ping, corresponds to the response time of your connection, that is to say the time it takes for internet data to make a round trip between your computer and the server used. for the test.

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