Mobile Games that are worth Playing

Games have been a part and parcel in our life where they pretty much have transformed as a form of entertainment and act as a daily dose for those gamers. Games are creating a pathway for more millionaires and the number of them have been soaring. For an example, Sumail Hassan, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin are people that make big bucks just by playing games. They are specialised in video games and making that much money just by tapping on their screens is incredible. Obviously, it comes together with abundance of effort and strategy as well. There are still some perspectives on gaming which define gaming as worthless and pointless but people like Pewdiepie often break the belief and prove that they are benefits as well. No matter if they are video games, mobile games or other sort of games, games in general should be supported and encouraged to be played by all ages where click here to play some of them.

First of all, games can be classified into different categories. Different categories of games have different functions and methods of playing. The major 4 categories where one should be playing games are strategy, adventure and causal. Thus, these are the mobile games that are worth playing.

Do you know what those strategy games are all about? Obviously, I mean it evolves around strategy and you will be required to come up with different planning either to fulfil all your plans or to achieve your goals. Why is strategy important in our life or perhaps in a game? First of all, with proper strategy planning, the players will not be misguided on the game or even in daily life, one will stay focused on what they have been doing and strategies will direct you to the correct path.

Strategy games that can strengthen skills such as solving a problem, planning and thinking are as follow:

War Tortoise 2
As the name indicates, it is a war game where you should take control of the extraordinary and mighty War Tortoise, which is a shooter. All you need to do is buy and build your own property, find powerful weapons and tools in order for you to win the war. It is in your hands, to find victory and to be an unstoppable and the most powerful force.

Total War Battles: Kingdom
This game can be found not only on mobile phones but on personal computers as well. To experience how a real war would be, this game is something that you should be playing. Besides buying the land, train your troop of army to be best among the rest and win the war. The more the wars you win, the more successful you will be.

The next category of the games are the adventure. Adventure can be defined as a different and exciting or even a daring experience. Adventure can be risky as well and it depends on the person as some of them prefer adventure over everything. Adventure games can be the most fun types of games and they can craft your curiosity and motivate you even more.

The examples of the adventures games that can boost your confidence are in the list below.

Murder in the Alps
This game is for those who love to experiment and be a detective. This game has hotel and guests as its theme and an unexplained incident will occur and the detective will have to solve the mystery. With the right amount of thriller and graphics, you definitely will not want to miss this game.

Amber’s Airline- High Hopes
This game depicts the life of a flight attendant where an incident occurs during one of her flights. Then she will be put into a life changing situation. Go and help Amber right now to finish her quest !

The last category of the games that you should play is casual games. If you are wondering what are causal games, then it is time for you to discover the meaning. Casual games are games that do not require any strategies or skills where they are the games that you play when you are free or whenever you need to calm your mind.

The game is as follow:

Candy Crush
Yes, it is that popular game where you will have to find the perfect match of candies. You just have to find the rows of the same candies and pop them. Easy peasy isn’t it? Beware, as it can be addicting as well !

These are the games that are worth playing. They have different purposes and you can find tons of amazing games out there too. If you would like to bet or gamble  on your favorite games, then you should be paying a visit to online casino malaysia for android and ios.

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