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Importance of the Internet for 21st Century Students

Many parents and students sometimes do not fully understand how important the Internet is for students of the 21st Century. Knowing about the importance is one thing but understanding the magnitude of how it would affect the life of a student is another. In this day and age, most of us have access to technology such as phones and computers. These devices are mere tools to aid in the education of students. These tools are used to take notes, organize documents and do assignments given to the students by their lecturers. These devices also utilize the Internet to function to their full potential and provide students with information about anything and everything at the tip of their fingers. 

Access to Modern Technology

Parents of children who were born into the 21st century need to understand one thing, technology may be a luxury before but in the grand scheme of things, students of the 21st century genuinely require technology like phones and computers to do their school work. Although there are multiple functions to these devices and not all of these functions are beneficial or productive, the pros outweigh the cons tenfold. 

Unfortunately, some parents still do not understand how important these devices are for their children and do not put in the effort to give their children access to said devices. Other than that, some parents even restrict their children’s usage of said devices, making it a lot harder for their children to do their work to the fullest. Therefore parents should allow their children to own these devices if they are financially capable of purchasing the devices for their children and request for OneMalaysia devices to aid their children if they are financially unable to provide the device for their children. 

Knowing The Pros Instead of The Cons 

Parents should know what it is to focus on when it comes to providing their children with such technologies. Unfortunately most parents chose to focus on the negatives that these devices may bring to their children such as playing games and watching entertainment videos all day just to name a few. But parents also need to acknowledge the benefits that these devices would bring for their children. 

For example, nowadays, teachers and lecturers both assign their students multiple variants of assignments. These range from the written assignments such as essays all the way to the editing of videos for presentations. These tasks are relatively impossible to complete with the absence of technology like the computer and phone. The presence of these devices help the students communicate with each other, allocate tasks amongst themselves and also help them obtain any form of information be it factual or instruction to carry out their assignments.

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Difference and Similarities 

There are a few differences between the two main devices required for modern education, the phone and the computer. However, let us focus on the main similarity. 

The one function that both of these devices have is that they both can obtain information through accessing the Internet. These devices are capable of putting any form of information at the fingertips of students around the world within seconds which trumps how fast they could obtain the same information at places like the library. The idea of having information within seconds is something that was thought to be impossible before the Internet, therefore parents should know to provide internet connection in their household for their children. 

There are multiple internet service providers in Malaysia but of the many internet service providers, there is only one which is in my opinion, best internet plan malaysia, Unifi. Their affordable plans and huge area coverage makes them one of the most cost effective and user friendly choices on the market. 

Despite their similar function of accessing the internet, phones are different from computers in one major department; mobility. Phones are able to be carried in our pockets. Its compact size allows students to have access to the internet, their contacts and their assignments through the phone at any time and any place. However, the compact size is also one of the flaws of a phone. The compact size makes it hard to complete certain tasks such as essays or edits to their full potential. Making the tasks doable but at a much slower and less intuitive way. 

That is where the computer comes in. These devices come with a display monitor, keyboard and a mouse to provide their user with convenience to carry out any task and some computers are even able to run high powered programs that could render images or shapes and even videos to a professional standard. These computers are the go-to devices for students in this day and age to complete their assignments. 


Parents should understand that the cost for education now is a lot higher than before but this also brings upon a new and smarter generation that has so much information with ease, giving them the opportunity to educate themselves and go above and beyond the syllabus of their formal education. These devices are not a luxury, it is a necessity, especially in the hands of students of the 21st Century.

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