Causes of Stress at Work

There are lots of factors that could trigger stress. To be able to deal with work stress, you need to know the cause of the emergence of work stress that can affect anyone. The causes of stress at work are indeed very diverse, but the three main factors are pressure from superiors, coworkers and work demands. However, there are other supporting factors as well.

The following are some of the causes of stress that are generally caused by work:

1. High Workload

Everyone’s workload is different, usually influenced by their position.

The higher the position, the greater the burden and responsibility.

People with higher positions have higher stress levels than their subordinates.

It was clearly influenced by the workload.

Therefore, when taking or getting a certain position in the job.

You have to be ready with the responsibilities and consequences of the workload in that position.

2. Strict Work Deadlines

Deadlines are commonplace at work.

Almost all jobs use deadlines as a deadline for completing work for the purpose of punctuality and so on.

Strict deadlines will obviously cause stress, because they feel rushed and pressured continuously.

Not to mention if it is added to the heavy workload that must be completed.

3. Status Uncertainty

This usually happens to employees who are still on contract and do not have a clear status.

This creates anxiety in contract employees.

Stress usually occurs because of worries about the future that is not clear.

Not to mention the possibility of losing your job and the difficulty of getting another job.

4. Problems With Coworkers

This is one of the main causes of stress at work.

Conflicts with coworkers can occur with superiors or colleagues.

Conflicts that occur with coworkers will interfere with comfort at work.

Because a positive work environment will support performance at work, and vice versa.

5. Filling Multiple Positions

By holding several positions, the workload will be even heavier. This clearly triggers higher stress.

This usually happens in companies that have limited resources.

This factor can also be a major cause of stress and you must overcome it.

Internal Factors of Stress: 

Stress or pressure can arise from within the individual; they are referred to as “internal factors,” and they are often impacted by the individual’s personality. A type is an individual’s characteristics or personality that can easily produce tension or pressure.

A personality who aspires to be number one in every scenario and believes he is always the greatest, feels right, and is envious of what others have accomplished. Other scenarios include having a health problem or enduring a medical treatment, bad communication, and thinking negatively all of the time.

Stress Can Mean Two Things: 

Stress or pressure is necessary and not all stress brings harm. Stress is a catalyst to be motivated to do better and be able to finish work on time. Stress brings badness when an individual is unable to manage stress well, becoming so depressed. Excessive stress without the right way to deal with it will affect mental health, physical health, emotional disorders and behavior change. If you are in search for website designer, custom website designers Malaysia has the best. 

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