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Best Websites For Vacations And Trips

Vacations and trips have always been the highlight of the school holidays and semester breaks. It is time for everyone no matter the schoolers, university students and even their parents to take a break and unwind. It is a great way to bond with your colleagues and friends, too. Sometimes, not all vacations require expensive boat rides or meals, but a drive to the nearest beach could be great enough as long as you have fun and are able to enjoy yourself. As for the university students, it is the only time of the year where they can forget all about the massive workload they have and go for some ‘healing’ time. Studying could have taken a toll on their physical and mental health, so they should take any opportunity during their break to relax with the people they are comfortable with. As for the parents, this is the time where you can see all your children at the same place. You should enjoy your time together and plan for a vacation to enjoy as a family.

There are many websites out there with the best design in their effort to promote hotel or resort bookings for your vacations. With how great the designs are, you can check out this malaysia web design company for more details. Here are some of those websites.


This website is super popular for short stay and even a week’s vacation. The website is very user-friendly where it is easy to navigate your way through it. It is a perfect mix of minimalism and functionality where you don’t have to think too much about choosing this website. Many of its users are satisfied with their recommendations and how easy it is to book a hotel for their vacation. You don’t have to go through a long queue at the hotel just to register and book a room. Simply use your mobile application and after only a few steps, you are good to go!


This company is perhaps one of the most popular hotel bookings websites with how great they are at promoting their services. Their catchphrase of “Hotel? Trivago” are known by almost everyone all around the world and it’s interesting how it gets stuck in your head. There are even memes made for that particular catchphrase. Nevertheless, it has a good reputation for being a website with attractive design. Not only are they accessible through any device, but it is also very easy to use. Just search for the place and time you are planning to stay and you will get a lot of results to choose from. There are even details about the current availability for each room offered in the website. That way, you can get notified once the room you want has been booked by someone else or not. This is a great website for people from all ages to use.


As for this website, the design focuses more on the functionality where the website can be seen displaying its general search button for customers to use. It is very practical since the hotel search result will be listed from the lowest price to the highest. The website even links you straight to the hotels, thus it is super easy to ask questions and settle your booking.

Last Words

All in all, a vacation or trip should be the time where you enjoy the process from A to Z. This is possible due to the websites designed to ease us in booking our hotels. Make sure you have fun and enjoy your vacation!

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