9 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2019

Affiliate marketing has come a long way since its inception and contrary to popular belief, it is still actually useful in 2019. In fact, it has evolved considerably to the point that this warrants an article to fully explain new and emerging trends in this industry.

In this article, you will find out the most popular affiliate marketing trends for 2019.

Influencer Marketing is Here

Back in the day, only famous people like celebrities and authority figures are able to promote products really well. However, that is now going to change thanks to the rise of influencer marketing.

By leveraging social media, people can now become influencers where they can build their own audience and thus, priming it for introducing promotional content.

Voice Search

As Google Now and Siri have been refined to a considerable degree, you can expect people to use voice search now more than ever before. That is why search engine optimization, even to this day, is so important. Although the algorithm has changed dramatically over the years, following a good SEO strategy can still help today.

Content Marketing

If there is one thing that will never change when it comes to affiliate marketing, it would be creating content. Content marketing is still important because, without it, you cannot effectively promote products and services.

Data-Driven Content

Speaking of content, smart affiliate marketers are keen on using data metrics to help them create content that is tailored to the needs of their audience.

For instance, what is your target demographic? Research things about them such as how much they’re willing to spend, what products they typically buy, among many other things.

Then, you can create content based on the things that you’ve found out about your targeted audience which will result in better results overall.

Small Networks Gain More Attention

Affiliate networks are here to stay and although there are those that are already established in the industry, you can expect that smaller networks will gain more attention.

As it turns out, small affiliate networks are geared more towards a specific niche, which makes it ideal for publishers who want to work with merchants in a particular industry faster.

Push Notifications Will Be Useful

Since there are a lot of mobile users now, you can use push notifications to help send your promotional content out. Even though this may seem as annoying on the surface, some people would actually love to receive new updates as they come. Just make sure that you carefully craft your messages.

Email Funnels

This is a very useful tool that affiliate marketers tend to overlook. Email funnels can help you get more leads and the likely reason why it is not popular is that people might not know how to set it up properly.

Fortunately, there are new tools that you can use to build your own. Always take advantage of these tools as it will help make your life so much easier.

More SaaS Products

SaaS is an acronym that stands for Software as a Service and it used to not be a hot commodity back in the day because it was only reserved for companies.

However, since there are many businesses now, its demand has increased exponentially which is why you will see plenty of SaaS products being promoted from here on out.

Reviews Are Still a Huge Thing

If you think that reviews don’t matter anymore because they can be bought, think again. Although there are fake reviews, people still have faith in them since social proof is always going to be a strong influencer. Make it a point to include all reviews (good or bad) when you’re promoting something to help build your credibility.

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