7 Modern Website Design Trends for 2019

Several factors can contribute to a website’s long-term success. In order to make sure that your website design strategy is headed towards the right path, then implement the latest trends in your layouts. Your website design is a crucial marketing tool, so you need to make sure that it’s completely relevant.

Strong User Experience and User Interface Design

Take note: people are getting more and more web-savvier. This means that they are always expecting a flawless, smooth online experience from beginning to end. By providing a good user experience, you can increase your conversion rate and sales.

White Space

Clean designs are in, and complicated pages are out. Simple websites are a lot easier to navigate, even for the most impatient users. White space, or negative space, provides some breathing room in your content.

Customized illustrations and graphic design

Do you want to make your website even more unique? Then, customized graphic designs and illustrations would definitely make you stand out from the rest. Obviously, you will not able to achieve this in generic templates.

Bold, bright colors and gradients

Color is one of the first things people see once they land on your website. What’s even more amazing is that computer screens can deliver saturated, vibrant colors more easily than printed media. If you choose the right colors, your readership can improve.

Mobile integration and responsive design

More users are accessing the internet through their smartphones and tablets. At present, mobile devices are the most convenient, popular way to access the digital world. Make sure to leverage on these facts and serve your mobile users well.

Integrated video

Some auto-play videos are annoying, some are not. In general, videos can positively impact user experience. Humans are, after all, visual creatures. We all love watching videos, and it can capture our attention instantly. Include engaging videos on your website. This is like encouraging people to spend more time on your pages.

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