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7 Interesting Online Games to Play

If you can’t share your enjoyment of playing games with others, what good is it? Here are a few games you can play with your friends, and others. In these games, you can discuss tactics, outdo one another, teamwork, deceive one another, and much more.


Mega888 website is a well-known Malaysian online casino game that provides quality casino games. The game offers fair gameplay, immersive visuals, and interesting themes. It’s ideal for players who enjoy realistic casino gameplay because there are live dealers and live players as well. To play the game, download the Mega888 apk for Android and iOS users, create an account, and you’re ready to play

Snap Games

Snapchat users might be familiar with this game, it’s an in-app game and you can start playing the game right now. Click on the rocket button on the right side of the chat bar and you are able to choose from many options. For example, Ready Chef Go! Is a game where you virtually compete with other Snapchat users to win, meanwhile in Snack Squad, you compete with friends to be the last one standing. 

Cards Against Humanity

CAH is an adult-only game that has received popularity lately. Thanks to, you can now play the game virtually with your friends or strangers. To play the game, you send the link to your private game room to everyone you’d like to play or play the game with others by opening your game room. 


A virtual game that encourages lying, Psych! Is a fun-filled game where you lie the answers to your friends. To play, download the application and all of the players will be asked a trivia question. You conjure anything up as an answer and everyone votes on which is the truth. If you are successful at making others believe your lie was the truth, then, Psych! You win points. 


This sure takes you back to good times – UNO is now available to play on the app than in person. Video call your loved ones and play together, it’ll sure be a good time. 


The nostalgia is coming in hard, Monopoly is timeless and a classic game. You can play this game via an app which means you don’t need to gather by the living room or the kitchen table anymore. Have a video chat with your loved ones, roll dice, buy houses and properties, and try your hardest to not get in jail. 

Don’t Starve Together

Explore the wilderness day and night while stranded in the middle of nowhere with your pals to gather supplies for your survival. Also, fight monsters to gather the items for you to stay alive and protect yourselves against plenty of events and seasons. This surely is a game that tests your teamwork to survive. 

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